Our mission - decrease the costs of energy used in heating purposes

We specialize in gaining the external financing; designing, especially taking energy-saving into account.

What we offer

In accordance with the mission of the Company we offer our customers entire, professional aid to decrease the costs of energy used in heating purposes, hot water, lightning etc., in existing buildings as well as those being in the designs phase. The wide range of our products was established on two principles:

- the convenience of managing an investment by the investor
- the fact, that making one company responsible for all of the stages of the thermo-modernization project makes the whole investment more successful.

Energy audit (according to the Standard preferred by the Investor)

Elaboration describing the range of the most favourable tasks that lead to decrease the costs of heating. It is based on the technical and economic analysis that takes into account necessary costs of investment and savings calculated in detail.
Professional energy auditors registered under the numbers 027 and 049 in KAPE.
- indispensable among many others in: government aid based on the "Act of 18 December 1998 concerning support of thermo-modernization tasks", subsidies from the Environment Protection Communal Fund,
- necessary for using third side financing sources (a firm of ESCO type),
- officially required for the thermo-modernizations of the central heating systems of public services buildings in Cracow (Cracow Municipality Resolution No 444/96).

The most often investments taken under consideration:
- warming (insulation) of walls, ceilings and floors,
- modernization of a central heating system (thermostat valves, regulating valves, vents, pumps etc.),
- modernization of heat centres (period/weather automatics, heat meters, new source of heating),
- change of heating-medium (also of the pump of heating),
- weather-stripping or exchange of windows.

Economic analysis of the sources of financing:

- comparison: government aid based on the "Act of 18 December 1998 concerning support of thermo-modernization tasks", funds of investor, third part financing (ESCO).

Long-term thermo-modernization plan:

- concerning all of the investors buildings, spreading the whole investment process over the several years, based on: individual audits for every building, investor's financial resources and buildings' Managers suggestions.

Technical designs:

- thermo-modernization and regulation of the central heating installation (complete hydraulic calculations, assortment of pre-settings of heaters' and regulation valves or orifices),
- assortment of pre-setting of valve (or orifice) that limits maximum flow at the heat centre (in accordance with the smaller required heating power),
- design of modernization or a new heat centre,
- calculation of the required heating power.

Making inventory of the central heating installation:

- in the necessary range for making an energy audit and the modernization design of the installation

Technical expert's reports:

- concerning thermal-insulation of ceilings and walls (shortage of reliable information),
- measurements of ventilation and of the consumption of central-heating installation etc.

Thermovision (infrared pictures showing the escape of the heat)

- location of the technological defects, faults in insulation or warming, heat leakage bridges, moist areas, air filtration and industrial application.

Matters of the building physics (warm-moisture problems):

- condensation of steam in the fabrics of rooms, frost penetration of the fabrics of rooms,
- temperature profile in the fabrics of rooms, heat leakage bridges, overall heat-transfer coefficient k.

Calculating the E scope [kWh/m3/year] (seasons' requirement of heat):

- the E scope, according to 329 Technical Conditions of buildings, is obligatory for multi-flat buildings, and alternative to coefficient k for other buildings.

Energy-saving buildings' designs:

- thorough vision of energy-saving in the phase of design as well as the specific solutions,
- opportunity of using unconventional sources of thermal energy (pump of heating, solar collector, solar houses, Trombe's walls etc.).

Thorough plans of creating one central heating system in the commune:

- according to the new thermo-energy law,
- choice of the most favourable heating-medium and source of thermal energy,
- taking into account the growth trend of the heat consumption.

Searching for the best solutions to decrease the costs of heating, among others choice of:

- the technology of warming and the thickness of thermal-insulation of walls, ceilings, ground floors,
- the type of windows (solar gain taken into account),
- the source of thermal energy (taking into account estimated changes of the prices of the heating-mediums),
- the central-heating and the regulation system.

We offer our assistance during the thermo-modernization task:

  • Help with the negotiations with the MPEC (Municipal Enterprise of the Central Heating) of the contract concerning delivery of the heat, especially in the field of required thermal power and the permanent charge (obtaining the necessary agreements of a thermal balance).
  • Help with the acquiring of the external financing, for instance preferential credit based on the thermo-modernization act (providing with the favourable verification of the audits by the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, filling in the credit application forms).
  • Help with the organization of the tenders for thermo-modernization works: warming (insulation) of the walls, ceilings, ceilings over the cellars, modernization of a central heating system, modernization of the heat centres (creating the specification of requirements and conditions of the tender, with such matters as the range of works, requirements concerning the tenderers; aid to chose the best offer and to create the contract conditions).
  • Investor's or author's supervision:
    - control over the works that make practical application of the thermo-modernization design, e.g. warming (insulation) of the walls, ceilings, modernization of a central heating system, modernization of the heat centre.
  • Savings' monitoring:
    - savings being the result of thermo-modernization.
  • Some small regulations of the heating system:
    - for example verification of the heat curve or indication the necessary additional regulation works (pressure and flow measurement) in case of any irregularities found.