Our mission - decrease the costs of energy used in heating purposes

We specialize in gaining the external financing; designing, especially taking energy-saving into account.

Company overview

EgoTerm Company is the consulting-design firm being engaged in the task of decreasing the costs of heating. The most specific part of our activity are energy audit.


As early as in 1995 our engineers took part in one of the first specialised schoolings organized by the Energy Conservation Fund, Warsaw. Thanks to discernment and reliability of our reports we gained the trust of the extremely difficult to please customer - the Cracow Municipality. Our first reports for this customer were verified by Polish National Energy Conservation Agency (KAPE) - office that achieved the position of the most reliable institution in the field of energy-saving in our country. Possessing favourable KAPE's opinions of it's audits, in spite of a huge competition, it was our firm that was given a task of prestige to participate in creating a complex plan of thermal renovation of public services buildings in Cracow. During the several years we made tens of separate audits for schools, kindergartens, clinics, offices and municipal blocs of flats. Since then, our position in the Cracow's market became strong and the good reputation of our firm spreaded out of the borders of our region, what is proved in our reference list. Since the beginning of our Company our specialists made ca 550 reports. In 1998 we appeared at the market of Cracow's housing co-operatives making audits for "Kurdwanów-Nowy" Housing Co-operative, and then "Krowodrza" Housing Co-operative. Meeting investor's expectations, on the base of individual audits for every building, we have created several years plan of thermo-modernization of all co-operative's flats. This plan took financial abilities of the co-operative into account.

Thanks to the continuous raising of our competence and strict fulfilment of the Audit Standard's requirements (established by KAPE), our specialists were able to pass the verification of their skill and knowledge, then they passed the examination and finally gained the official authorization.

Our engineers are registered as energy auditors by KAPE under the numbers 0027 and 0049. We are well aware that the problem of high costs of heating does not disappear as soon as an audit is made. Therefore we co-operate with the firms and institutions that give finance support to the energy-saving investments (preferential credits, third side financing, government programme etc.). In this connection, we can organise any modernization from the phase of a plan, through the gaining of the financial resources, design and accomplishment up to the exploitation.

Inviting you to the co-operation we secure top professionalism of our services and eagerness for meeting investor's expectations.


Since 1996 we have done:

  • more than 2000 energy audit reports (that amount gives us the leadership among Polish...